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Business English

Globalization has opened international business opportunities for business people today. The way we used to run our businesses needs significant improvement in various ways so as to sustain and coexist in the global trade. One of the aspects needed to be considered is effective communication in business settings.
Business English course at Orbit trains students to use English appropriately and effectively in business settings. Students in this course can learn common business expressions, improve business vocabulary, write reports and carry out business presentations. The course deals with the following major aspects of business communication:
• Formal and informal communication

• Letters, faxes and memos

• Summaries, notes, short reports

• International trade: writing international business correspondence

• Dealing with business problems: complaining and apologizing

• Customer care

• Visitors and Travelers

• Marketing strategies: Making business presentation Business meeting skills

• Processes and operations

• Job applications and recruitment

• Promotion strategies

• Effective negotiation skills

• Business report writing

• Project planning

Business English course can be designed and conducted as per the requirement of students. Intermediate level of English proficiency is required to enroll in this course. The length of Business English course is thirty hours.

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