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New Zealanders are famed for their friendliness and warmth towards overseas visitors. New Zealand has a comparatively low cost of living, abundant fresh food and a variety of student accommodation options. Transport is moderately priced and the country offers a safe and stable democratic political environment with very low crime rates making it an excellent environment in which to learn.
The eight institutions that make up the New Zealand university system are located across the North and South Islands. New Zealand is also home to several technical institutes and colleges.

Help and Support
Amongst many international students’ destinations, New Zealand in becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to study abroad. Contact us NOW if you need information, help and support to maximize your chances of winning a place at one of the country’s sought-after universities or colleges. As a qualified career consultant and international admissions expert with 20 years’ experience we can help you to choose the right university and the right course to provide you with the maximum benefit in your chosen career.

General Information
While New Zealand may appear to be cut off from the rest of the world, international students view New Zealand as a destination, which is safe, beautiful and welcoming. New Zealand has excellent climatic conditions and is cheaper than most other developed countries. The 8 universities in the country offer core degrees in all aspects of business, science and the arts.

The Application Process
Overseas students will need to apply to their chosen institution directly. A strong personal statement is particularly important in your application. Make sure you seek guidance on the admissions process in order to maximize your chances of being accepted to the course that is best for you.

How much will it cost?
Institutions in New Zealand are permitted to set their own tuition fees. This means that what you pay will be different depending on your institution of choice. International students can expect to pay between $22,000 and $32,000 for a bachelor’s degree, and between $26,000 and $37,000 for a postgraduate course. However, if you choose a course such as medicine, engineering or veterinary science, your fees are likely to be higher. All PhD students pay the same, which is $6,500 to $9,000 per year. For information about the cost of your specific course, contact your institution.

Funding, Scholarships and Loans
There are scholarships available for international students at all levels, including students wanting to gain a PhD. These scholarships are offered by the institutions themselves, or the government. We can help you to get more information about your eligibility and possibility to obtain the Scholarship if you book an appointment and take a One-on-One Counselling session.

The New Zealand government offers a number of scholarships for international students. These are highly prized and competition is fierce. In addition, some universities offer merit-based scholarships as well. In both of these cases a strong application is crucial to maximize the chances of success. Make sure you seek advice on how to present your application in the strongest way.

Student Employment
Students who are studying New Zealand are allowed to work part time while studying and in some cases can manage to pay for their living expenses. International students studying in New Zealand have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and are granted work visas after studying at recognized institutes.

Do you need tailored advice?
Contact us NOW if you need guidance on making the right choices to study abroad. We have over 20 years of experience and have guided thousands of students on their studies and career paths. New Zealand is becoming a very popular destination for overseas students, and we can help you to stand out from crowd and select the best courses to help you achieve your ambitions.


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