Orbit Covid-19 Guide for Students
Dear Student,
We hope you are well and keeping yourself safe so far. We have created this ‘Special Page for Covid-19’ to answer your questions and curiosities. Thank you for asking questions about the potential impact of Covid-19 on your abroad study and career plans in 2020 and in 2021. We would also like to thank all our students who are currently studying various courses with us, such as IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE, TOEFL, etcs, as well as the ones willing to study very soon at Orbit International Education. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), directly relevant to your purpose and plans. If we have not been able to address your concern on your particular issue below, we would be more than happy to provide you the “personalized consultation” for free once we receive your request through our website page. Or alternatively, you can drop your query on our official Facebook page.
Honestly, very soon but in a different way. With the new modality of Lockdown, announced by the Government on 11 June 2020 (Thursday), it seems that our service industry is also going to open soon, too. Once we have the new modality from the government, we would resume our classes by following certain procedures such as:
  1. Classes will have less numbers of students as per the health & safety regulations of social distancing from each other, even in the classrooms.
  2. The temperature test at Orbit Entrance.
  3. All staffs will be wearing masks including students and visitors at Orbit.
  4. Washing Hands for 20 seconds properly and frequently.
  5. Complying ourselves with each and every point mentioned above with discipline, honesty and responsibility has no option. Let’s do it together.
Yes! Some American universities across various states have made the ACT and SAT scores optional as a part of their undergraduate student visa requirement. Similarly, some universities in the UK do accept B+ or above GPA Score in English subject of your +2 result instead of IELTS or PTE score. However, there might always be the priorities and unforeseen circumstances in the colleges and universities around the globe. The admission in the universities may be more competitive in the years to come. Those universities might set various parameters for the students while providing i20 (USA), CAS (UK) or CoE (AUS) such as first come, first served basis or the best Scores in your English Tests. Some universities and colleges in Australia have already come up with the discounted tuition fees to its international students and other Institutions seem to be in the same mood of offering subsidized tuition fees based on their available resources.
Absolutely. Because, students who were admitted for ‘Summer Intakes of 2020’ are going to defer their admissions to, perhaps January 2021 or later intakes of summer 2021. On the other side, there will be naturally less students for the ‘fresh off-shore students’. So, admissions for upcoming intakes in the universities and colleges around major destinations such as USA, UK, AUS and CANADA are bound to be more competitive. Not to forget, this is going to be applicable in all courses including MBAs, Nursing, IT and other popular courses.
We are in regular communication with respective admission departments of the universities and colleges of various countries and in touch with international admission officers by keeping the best interest of our students in heart and mind. We are abreast of up-to-date scenarios and ongoing admission trends in the abroad study industry so that our students get admission in the upcoming intakes of 2020 and 2021 with greater priority.
Universities abroad have their positive predictions from 3 perspectives:
  1. The pandemic situation will calm down by September 2020, and all the academic activities may get back to normal as usual. This is the best scenario and we can only hope that this will turn out to be true.
  2. The pandemic situation will not calm down by September 2020, which will cause students taking their 1st semester class through online and join on- campus classes in January 2021. This situation still is ‘something is better than nothing’ situation.
  3. The pandemic situation is not at all under control and students with admission offers in hand will have to start their first semester from January 2021 – may be online or may be on-campus. Finger crossed.
  4. If you would not want to opt for any of the above mentioned situations, you may want to take a gap this year, which means you will have to be in Nepal even though you already have an admission / offer letter in hand.
We, as a career counselor, an entrepreneur and a Business Consultant, would like to recommend the following suggestions to you all.
  1. Due to the restrictions of social distancing and other must-follow safety measures, students are strongly recommended to use their time on online learning options. There are various websites such as Udemy, Open University, Coursera and others, where students can take online courses and brush up their skills. Today’s time is the time of rapid dissemination of information through social media and marketing. Companies can’t flourish without adopting digital marketing mix. Now is the time for students to cash in these opportunities. Take digital marketing courses, Python, digital storytelling courses or even Facebook Marketing and earn certificates to decorate your CV.
  2. There are certain universities in the USA and Australia that offer entire course online for interested students. If you are dedicated to achieve the academic degree, it is absolutely possible even for the MBAs or Masters Degrees in IT and so on.
  3. Some companies around the globe are actually hiring the interns for full time positions where you can work from home. Experiences count more than certificates. Hence, start your research, ask us in person or by dropping query through our website and we shall guide you accordingly.
  4. Have you heard the term gig worker? Yes! It is like a freelancer and you can choose to be the one for various companies for certain work or projects. If you already have that skill, do find the links to get connected with such companies or recruitment agencies that may help you get such contracted work directly.
  5. Are you a self-motivated and a would-be businessperson in your career ahead? Do you like to learn about entrepreneurship or start your own venture? Perhaps, now is the best time. We offer extensively personalized Business Consultancy Service at Orbit International Education. If you already have a business idea, perhaps it is the right moment to execute that idea.
After the pandemic situation calms down, you may still want to study abroad in 2021 or may want to find the full time job even in Nepal. At one point of time, you may certainly be asked while being interviewed for University Admission, Job interview or in the Visa Interview what exactly you did during pandemic. Your answer here plays a vital role in qualifying you as a suitable candidate for the university admission / visa or for a job position. Hence, the choice is all yours to suit yourself best.

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