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According to college board, the "A" in "SAT" used to stand for "aptitude," but for many years now, the SAT has been what’s called an achievement test — a test of how well candidate have mastered important knowledge and skills. The SAT is, in short, a test about what candidate has learned in school. It’s a test candidate can — and should—prepare for. That still leaves the question of how best to prepare. SAT is required by most of the universities in the US for admissions at undergraduate level. SAT scores are one of the determining factors of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate studies. It is a paper-based test. The test assesses student's verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills that are required for success at undergraduate level. Students should register for the test online. Students can get more information on www.collegeboad.org.

SAT Course Structures

The SAT tests skills such as reading, writing and math. The evidence based reading and writing test consists of a reading section and language and writing section. The mathematics section consists of two sections – one with and one without a calculator. There is an essay writing test section, which is optional. There is no negative marking in the SAT and the score range for the SAT is 400-1600.

Students complete our specially designed, timed, computer-based study units and simulated tests during class, and complete tests from the Official Guide to SAT for homework. We place particular emphasis on building a strong foundation in grammar, reasoning and reading skills, and math concepts. We also train students in effective essay writing.

SAT Test Structures

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