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Study Abroad At Orbit

Study Abroad At Orbit

Abroad study department is functional at Orbit since its establishment in 2000 AD.  The main objective of the department is to provide qualified students with an opportunity to pursue their higher studies abroad and help them gain quality academic degrees that are recognized worldwide. In the long run, we expect our students to return to Nepal and use their skills in the development of the country.
We have been maintaining good educational partnerships with different educational institutions in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We frequently visit those countries to explore better educational opportunities for Nepalese students at an affordable cost. In this process, we represent more than 100 educational institutions around the world.
Abroad study department is also assisting the deserving students to get scholarships and other financial aids so that they can carry out their study without financial burden.
In a very short span of time Orbit has established itself as one of the most successful educational consultancies in the country and helped huge numbers of Nepalese students to realize their dream to study abroad.
Services provided by the Abroad Study Department
Study abroad seminars:
Abroad study department with cooperation with other departments frequently conducts study abroad seminars to inform and educate the students about different educational opportunities abroad. These seminars are conducted in Orbit’s own seminar hall as well as various locations in major cities of the country. Representatives from different overseas educational institutions frequently visit our office and facilitate these seminars and provide personalized counseling to the students.
Abroad study Counseling:
Our experienced and qualified abroad study counselors provide professional and personalized counseling to the aspiring students on different academic courses and institutions in many countries around the world. They help the students meet the admission requirements of different educational institutions by guiding them to take different standardized tests according to the course requirement.
University / college Application and Admission:
We assist our abroad study students in choosing the right University and college as well as right academic program according their previous academic qualification and career goals. Students are assisted in preparing application to their desired college / university and the educational programs of their interest in accordance with the admission and scholarship requirement of different colleges and universities within the application deadlines.
Visa application documentation:
Once the student is admitted to a college or a university abroad, student has to obtain the student visa from the embassy of the respective country. The student has to submit different documents to the embassy according to the visa requirement of the country so that visa consular is satisfied before granting the visa. Our counselors guide students to prepare standard documents and train them to attend visa interviews confidently. For this purpose, students are given visa interview preparation classes by experienced and well-qualified trainers.
Travel itinerary planning:
Once the student obtains the student visa to study abroad, we provide them traveling guidance by making their travel itinerary. Our good relationships with different renowned travel agencies helps students have a good itinerary planning with the least possible cost.
Airport Pickup:
Students are provided with the airport pickup facility from airport to respective colleges and universities when they arrive at their destined country.
Accommodation arrangement
Accommodation for the student is booked in advance. Accommodations can be booked on-campus, in an off-campus apartment or with a host family according to the need and budget of the student.
Job Guidance:
Students are given proper guidance about the job opportunity in the respective countries as per the laws of the countries where they pursue their studies. In this way students can make some contribution in bearing their educational cost abroad.
Abroad Study Programs at Orbit:
Abroad study department runs programs for different countries.
Study in the USA:
Our past experience in the field shows that the United States of America is the first choice of educational destination for most of the Nepalese students. Keeping students’ preference in consideration, we have developed good educational partnerships with different colleges and universities in the US. We have been assisting Nepalese students to attend different colleges and universities in different states in the US Students can study Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral degrees in the subject area of their interest. Our academic department provides quality test preparation classes for different standardized tests such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT which are prerequisite for admissions and scholarships in different colleges and Universities.
Study in the UK:
About 250 students have benefited from our study in the UK programs till date. We have authorized representation from more than fifty colleges and universities in the UK. Students can study Diploma, Bachelors’, Masters and postmasters’ degree courses in the UK in a variety of subject areas. Almost all the Colleges and Universities in the UK require good scores in English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS for admissions. Students can secure their admission in good colleges and universities in the UK by obtaining good scores in these tests.
Study in Canada:
Canada is also popular among the Nepalese students for their higher study because they can easily process and get permanent resident status in Canada after completion of their degree relative to USA, UK, or Australia. Students can study in many colleges and universities in Canada that have given exclusive authorization of representation to Orbit. We admit students to different colleges and universities in Canada from Bachelors’ to Doctoral level degrees in a variety of subject area. Over 50 students have gone to attend Canadian colleges and universities through Orbit between 2000 and 2004.
Study in Australia:
Australia is also one of the most desired abroad study destinations for Nepalese students. Students can study diploma, bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programs in a variety of areas of study in different colleges and Universities in Australia. We represent many colleges and universities in different cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth to name a few. Students can also benefit from our IELTS preparation classes. Good score in IELTS is essential for admission and immigration purposes to study in Australia.
Study in Germany:
Germany is emerging as a favorite abroad study destination for Nepalese students in recent years due to the lower cost of education as compared with other countries. Students can study in German universities free of cost. They just have to bear the living cost once they are admitted to a German university. Academic Department at Orbit runs German language classes for the students to have proficiency in German language, which is required for their further study in Germany as well as for the visa interview. Completion of 13 years of formal education is the minimum requirement for university admission in Germany. Students completing 12th Grade from Nepal have to complete a University entrance program (Studentkolleg). We also help students by admitting them to Studentkolleg program.
Study in New Zealand:
Students can get assistance from our abroad study department to study in New Zealand, a naturally beautiful country at an affordable cost. Students can study in different Orbit represented colleges and universities in New Zealand. Once the students complete certain level of education in New Zealand, they can transfer to other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and many more countries to complete their degrees.
Study in Japan:
Recently we have added few more abroad study destinations for Nepalese students. Japan is one of them. We represent 11 language schools and 6 colleges in Japan. Native Japanese program coordinators run the Study in Japan program at Orbit. They help students by providing Japanese language classes and helping them for their admission in Japan and obtaining student visa.
Study in India:
Each year a lot of Nepalese students go to Indian colleges and universities for their higher education. Most students are unaware about the process of admission to good colleges and universities in their desired courses. We help students by admitting them to good colleges and universities according to their desired program of study.
Study in Ireland:
As an English speaking country situated on the western edge of Europe, Ireland is an increasing popular destination for students from all over the world.  Every year around 200,000 students of all ages and from all corners of the world converge on Ireland to benefit from the highest quality English languages training and academic study programs in school, college and university throughout the country.