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Orbit International Education

Orbit International Education

The Objectives
The main objectives of Orbit International Educational (OIE) are to prepare students for international examinations, counsel them to select the right university in countries abroad for their higher education and to teach foreign languages.
Orbit International Education was established in 2000 in Kathmandu Nepal.  There are three buildings adjacent to each other for administration, teaching and counseling purposes.  Orbit International Education is situated at Putalisadak which is in the heart of the city. In Putalisadak there are many shops, banks, restaurants, markets and other outlets which cater for students and visitors when they visit Orbit International Education.  The main highway is connected to all the parts of the city by buses, tempos and taxis therefore commutation in any modes of transport is not a problem at all for the students and visitors.
Branch Office: Orbit International Education established its Branch Office at Pokhara in December 2005.  The office is centrally located in Mahendrapul which is the heart of Pokhara city.  Many students from neighboring districts take the opportunity of attending test preparation and language courses and processing for going abroad for further education here instead of coming to Kathmandu.
The main building comprises of three floors. The first floor consists of; the Reception, Counseling Department, and a Library.  The second floor consists of; the offices of the Chief Executive Director, Director of Academic Department, Director of Administration and Finance Manager.  There are three classrooms also on the second floor.  The top floor has a Seminar Hall, three Computer labs (with facilities to conduct iBT examinations).
The second building consists of Business Development Department, stationery store and a staff amenities room. Lunches are served to all staff upon requests while teas/coffees are served twice a day.
The third building consists of three classrooms.
All the classrooms are spacious, air conditioned and well decorated so the students can study in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.  The classrooms are of different sizes to accommodate different types of classes. The Seminar Hall, which has a capacity to accommodate a hundred audiences, is fitted with a Public Address System and a multi media projector with a large screen which are used effectively for academics, study abroad, general meetings and presentations.  There is a stage for cultural programs and a podium for speakers with unidirectional and omnidirectional microphones which are used depending on the presentations. The Seminar hall is fitted with an air conditioner so the audience is always comfortable despite the weather changes during the year.
All the staff is provided with a personal computer on their workstations.  All the workstations conform to the international Health and Safety measures so the staff can work comfortably.  All staff has internal and external communications with telephones connected via an EPABX system.  There is a facsimile machine which is used extensively to communicate with different countries at all times.
There are three waiting rooms for visitors and students in three different floors.  All these waiting rooms are air-conditioned and have large comfortable sofas. There are newspapers and periodicals for the visitors to read while they wait in comfort.
The Library and Information Service has 2,000 books on academics and other subjects which are divided into different categories.  Students are eligible to become members of the library at no extra cost.  International and national newspapers are available for all staff and students to read during their leisure.  The Library and Information Center is air conditioned so all can read in an ambient atmosphere.  The Library and Information Center has a photocopier so students can photocopy any materials from any books at no extra cost.
There are seven fire extinguishers installed in various parts of the building for safety measures.  All staff is trained in the use of the fire extinguishers and a fire practice takes place every six months.  The Reception has a well-stocked First Aid Box for medical support.
The office provides clean and safe drinking water for the students, visitors and staff at any time via a modern Euro guard which is serviced periodically.
Human Resources
There are thirty seven members of staff who are employed at Orbit International Education.  The recruiting procedure is rigorous and follows international standards.